Welcome to

Hummingbird Hollow

 the new home of hi-end hospitality in East Texas.  Elmwood Gardens by Provence has been rebranded to better reflect how much we have evolved and improved.  We couldn't be more proud and excited.  Elmwood Gardens was started by DeeDee and James over 20 years ago.  With their love, hard work and vision, our beautiful 32 acre Wedding venue has had a long and glorious run.  Over the years, we've hosted countless Texas Weddings and events.  However, now it's time for a different path forward.   

After careful consideration, we're rebranding our magnificent venue to Hummingbird Hollow.  With all the upgrades we've made, it's the only way to go.  It's a natural progression we hope you will appreciate and support.   


From new and improved facilities to a five star-rated private dining destination with Texas Foodie Adventures to our opulent-minded Airbnb onsite lodging options, we provide our discerning couples and hosts with an unforgettable All-Day luxury Wedding or event experience.  We're becoming the Texas Trinity of high-end hospitality.  Please visit http://www.hummingbirdhollow.net/ or call 903-549-2716 to learn more.